Freelance photographer, he realizes reportages in Africa (Zambia, Kenia, Tanzania, Ethiopia) for National and International NGO, covering contexts such as immigration, HIV, malaria, tbc.


His work continues in Argentina, with a photographic project for the Onlus Association “Tuttiigiorni”, concerning the weakest population segments,”. He travels through seven provinces, from Australis Patagonia to Puna Mountains, focusing mostly on Buenos Aires suburbs.

Back to Ethiopia, he visits St. Mary General Hospital in Dubbo, making a research into cause and effect of cerebral malaria, a work that was published by CUAMM Doctors with Africa and Produbbo Onlus Foundation.


He realizes and publishes a work on women’s conditions in Wolayta (Ethiopia) for the Produbbo Onlus Foundation, also facing the delicate subject of the female genital mutilation that will bring to the publication of the book Eve (Damiani Editore, 2006).

He realizes the projectFalene at a blind people community in Soddo (Ethiopia).

The Centre “Gruppo Famiglia” in Porto San Giorgio gives him a photojournalistic assignment on the re-integration in the society of the former mental hospital patients, 28 years after the Italian Law 180 (that sanctioned the shutdown of all the Mental Health Institutions in Italy).


He goes back to Argentina for four months, in order to study the migration phenomenon of natives coming from the Marche Region, upon request of the Fermo Municipality /Marche Region.

He realizes Abito, a photojournalistic report on the meaning of living inside the migrants’ communities in the Province of Fermo.


He goes to Palestina, working for seven months on a reportage about the physical and mental conditions of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, for the NGO Medicos del Mundo at first and then for WHO (World Health Organization).

He publishes the book Echoes, migrants from Marche now living in Argentina (Damiani Editore, 2008).


The Japanese magazine “Courrier Japan” charges him, together with other 131 photographers all over the world, with the project This day of change (interpreting people’s hope in the day of Barack Obama’s taking office in the White House).


He continues his research about mental health condition in Albania, realizing two works about the Psychiatric Institutes of Elbasan and Scutari.

Ngo CICa (International Community of Capodarco), encourages the realization of a photojournalistic reportage on the development of different projects co-financed by MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), in Cameroon. During his stay of three months here, he realizes video and photographic reports about communities for families, mental disease, buruli ulcers, health-care in the villages, microcredit and a photographic reportage La nouvelle semence, about life conditions of farmers who live in the Akonolinga forest.


He works in Paraguay for two months for NGO Funima International, inquiring on life conditions of street children, facing subjects like drug, prostitution, family hardships, home violence. All this work ends with the publication of the book Gran Via.

He has been travelling for one year in a camper, together with Matteo Fulimeni (writer), realizing a cross-section of life in Italy on occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy. A travel along 30.000 Km up and down the Italian peninsula, visiting every Italian Region. He visits more than 300 places and keeps in very close contact with the local population. This amazing experience will end with the publication of ITACA Stories of Italy.


Falene, FIAF edizioni, 2006
Eve, Damiani Editore, 2006
Echi, Damiani Editore, 2008
This day of change, Kodansha limited, 2009
Mama, Miror edizioni, 2010
Human, FIAF edizioni, 2011
Gran Via, Funima International, 2012
ITACA Storie d’Italia, FIAF edizioni, 2012

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